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About Our Practice

Physical Therapists in Wickenburg, AZ

Since opening in 2008, Champion Physical Therapy has provided the highest quality physical therapy services in Wickenburg, AZ. We are committed to helping clients relieve pain and restore their physical function. Our team is proud to be preferred among locals and recommended by physicians for providing caring, personalized services.

Our team of therapists are certified in cutting-edge dry needling techniques to reduce pain and are specialty trained in hands-on joint mobilizations (adjustments) and kinesio-taping to restore normal joint and muscle function. Throughout your treatments, we will work to relieve your pain, build your strength, and educate you in home care for maintenance. We provide a full range of services including spinal manipulation, dry needling, kinesio-taping, massage, myofascial release, spinal/core stabilization, mechanical traction (spinal decompression), balance and gait training. We’re here to get you better and back to life.

Champion Physical Therapy is locally owned and operated. In March 2013, we were voted “Business of the Month” by the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to serve residents of Wickenburg and surrounding communities including Congress, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Aguila, Wenden, Salome, Morristown, and Wittmann, AZ.

Meet Our Team

Steve Sorensen
PT, CMPT, Cert. DN

Master of Physical Therapy

Serving the Wickenburg community since 2003, Steve Sorensen, owner and licensed physical therapist, is the most experienced physical therapist in Wickenburg. He is a hands-on therapist, treating a vast array of diagnoses with specialty in joint manipulation as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist as well as certification in dry needling. Steve is an expert in identifying and solving physical problems, especially involving the spine, which common therapists struggle to resolve.

He volunteers his time assessing injuries for youth sports programs and helping high school athletes return to play. Steve was awarded the 2014 Tip of the Stethoscope Award by the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce for excellence in service as a healthcare provider. He is also fluent in Spanish. In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and water skiing.

Edward Flamand

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Flamand earned his physical therapy degree from Eastern Washington University in 2010 following a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Development – Exercise Science at Montana State University in 2006. Originally from Butte, Montana, Edward has traveled throughout the United States to provide therapy services on a contract basis. He has provided physical therapy services and gained experience in many clinical settings including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care hospital, outpatient orthopedics, and home health services. He has worked in 10 states as of 2017. Edward now calls Wickenburg and Champion Physical Therapy home. His area of expertise focuses on outpatient orthopedics with emphasis on manual therapy. Edward believes in maintaining physical and recreational activity during rehabilitation and as part of a healthy lifestyle. He is certified in dry needling and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Edward has completed advanced training in Spinal Manipulative Therapy and in the use of kinesiology taping methods.

In his off time, Edward can be found enjoying time with his 2 dogs and exploring the waterways and trails of the western United States waterskiing, wake surfing, and mountain biking.

Janell Hays
PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Born and raised in Olympia, WA, Janell earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Eastern Washington University in 2007 and continued on to earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in 2010. Janell started her physical therapy career as a traveling physical therapist, which allowed her to work and gain experience in multiple practice settings in 9 states as of 2017. During a travel assignment in Wickenburg, she fell in love with the town and the community and now calls Wickenburg home. Janell is certified in dry needling and has special training in vestibular rehabilitation and kinesiotaping.

During her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, water skiing, and continuing to travel for both work and pleasure.

For more information about our physical therapy services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Champion Physical Therapy today at 928-668-0108. We look forward to hearing from you!